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Welcome to our Charity Page, where you'll find our partnerships with local animal shelters and worldwide organisations. 

At MrFluffyFriend, we believe that every pet deserves a loving home and a happy life. That's why we're committed to supporting the tireless efforts of these shelters by donating essential pet-related products and resources—from our shop directly to the shelters!

Through our collaborations, we've been able to make a real difference in the lives of countless animals in need, and we're proud to have played a small part in helping these shelters fulfil their important mission.

We're thrilled to share details of these shelters with you, and we hope they inspire you as much as they've inspired us. By working together, we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of animals in our community and beyond. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

SOS Animali International

SOS Animali International

SOS-Animali International, a renowned organisation dedicated to animal welfare showcases their impactful work in rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming animals in need, providing heartwarming success stories that inspire and uplift. 

Visitors can learn about their various initiatives, such as emergency response efforts, community outreach programs, and educational campaigns aimed at promoting animal rights.  

SOS Animali International

The organisation believes that all animals have the right to life and they make sure that their website serves as a vital tool for fundraising, allowing compassionate individuals to contribute and support the organisation's vital mission. 

We’ve partnered with SOS Animali International as we’ve seen the plight of these poor animals in Italy. Even through the smallest acts of support everybody can make a meaningful difference. MrFluffyFriend proudly donated a selection of Anti-Anxiety Beds! 

Hector’s Greyhound Rescue

Hector’s Greyhound Rescue is where compassion meets canine companionship. This UK-based charity’s heartfelt mission is to champion the cause of ex-racing Greyhounds and Sighthounds, including Lurchers, by offering them a second chance at a fulfilling life.

 The organisation doesn't merely provide shelter; they provide a haven where health, safety, socialization, and love intertwine, nurturing each dog's spirit to bloom anew. With every tail wag and heartwarming connection, they aim to match these resilient souls with their forever families, where they can relish the joys of companionship and contentment for the remainder of their days.

Join us in making a difference, one donated pet bed at a time. Let’s help Hector's Greyhound Rescue rewrite the narratives of these noble creatures—it's not just about saving lives; it's about sharing love and comfort with these abandoned pups.

Stichting Rijpickerwaard Dierenasiel & Pension

Stichting Rijpickerwaard Dierenasiel & Pension

Stichting Rijpickerwaard Dierenasiel & Pension is a wonderful organisation that provides shelter and care for animals in need.

Located in the beautiful countryside of the Netherlands, this non-profit foundation offers a safe haven for dogs, cats, and other animals who have been abandoned or mistreated.

Stichting Rijpickerwaard Dierenasiel & Pension

In addition to their animal shelter services, Stichting Rijpickerwaard also offers a pet pension service, where pet owners can board their beloved pets while they are away on vacation or business trips.

The pets receive the same level of care and attention as the animals in the shelter, with spacious accommodations and plenty of playtime and exercise.

We’ve just started with this project and have donated over 40 pet beds! We aim to donate more pet beds and ensure that every Fluffy Friend stays comfy while waiting for their fur-ever home!

Stichting Dierentehuis Zeist en Omgeving

Stichting Dierentehuis Zeist en Omgeving

Stichting Dierentehuis Zeist en Omgeving is a foundation that provides shelter, care and love to pets in dire need of fur-ever homes.

Whether you're looking to adopt a Fluffy Friend, donate to a worthy cause, or simply learn more about animal welfare, Stichting Dierentehuis Zeist en Omgeving is a great organisation to support.

Stichting Dierentehuis Zeist en Omgeving

We’re dedicated to donating more pet beds to shelters like Stichting Dierentehuis Zeist en Omgeving. We know that this simple yet impactful way can improve the lives of homeless pets by giving them the much-needed warmth, security, and a sense of home while waiting for their pet parents.

Stichting Dierenhulpverlening Woerden e.o.

Stichting Dierenhulpverlening Woerden e.o.

Stichting Dierenhulpverlening Woerden e.o. boasts of a team of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to rescue, care for, and rehome abandoned, neglected, or mistreated animals.

One of the unique features of Stichting Dierenhulpverlening Woerden e.o. is its services focused on pet chipping, animal ambulance, renunciation, and returning lost pets to their parents.

Stichting Dierenhulpverlening Woerden e.o.

Stichting Dierenhulpverlening Woerden e.o. is entirely funded by donations, so they rely heavily on their community's support. Whether you donate your time, resources, or financial aid, every little bit helps to ensure that animals receive the care and attention they deserve.

As pet advocates ourselves, we know that shelters are often overcrowded and underfunded, leaving animals to sleep on hard, uncomfortable surfaces. Through pet bed donations, we can help even in the smallest way!

World Wildlife Fund: Partners in Conservation

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is an international non-governmental organisation focusing on conservation efforts to protect the planet's biodiversity and natural resources. The organisation works with governments, businesses, communities, and individuals to find solutions that balance the needs of people and the planet.

The organisation's conservation efforts cover many species and ecosystems worldwide. WWF plays a vital role in protecting the planet's biodiversity and ensuring a sustainable future for all. 

We're proud to say that MrFluffyFriend is a Partner in Conservation of the WWF.