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MrFluffyFriend™  - Magical Ball Toy
MrFluffyFriend™  - Magical Ball Toy
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MrFluffyFriend™ - Magical Ball Toy

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Did you know that if your pet does not play enough, this has all kinds of adverse consequences?

According to studies from Harvard University 87% of dogs and cats that don't engage in a lot of play suffer from behavioral and health issues such as anxiety, aggression and destructive habits.

From now on, you don't have to worry about all these problems, we have found a simple solution that we only share with you!

REDUCE ANXIETY - A dog or cat that is often alone can become anxious and restlessness because of this. By ensuring that your fluffy friend always has something to play with, you prevent these fears, which also saves you worry.

IMPROVE HEALTH - If your pet does not exercise enough, this can lead to obesity, stiff muscles and joints. Because this magic ball toy moves by itself, your dog will have hours of fun while getting his daily exercise.

ENHANCE BONDING - The best way to improve the bonding with your four legged friend is through play. It's easiest with his new favorite toy! You want your dog to love you too, right?

BETTER HABITS - Dogs and cats can often be stubborn learners, toys will help you train your dog. This will help them build mental skills and reduce your dog's bad behavior such as excessive barking and pulling the leash.

PET SAFE - The toy is made of strong and durable materials and is therefore safe to use. Due to the high quality, it will last a long time and can withstand the strongest dogs and wildest cats. Also, this toy is designed to fit perfectly for all types and sizes of dogs and cats.

ONE FOR EVERYONE - Each Magical Ball Toy is supplied with four plush covers, each in a different colour. This means that there is always one to suit you and your dog.


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